City Commissioner Proposes Moratorium On New Development In Mt. Juliet

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City Commissioner Proposes Moratorium On New Development In Mt. Juliet

CREATED Jun 30, 2014
by Mark Bellinger

MT. JULIET, Tenn. - It's one of the fast-growing city's in Middle Tennessee - but is it growing too fast? Some folks in Wilson County think so.

In fact - it's so bad one city leader may call for a moratorium on new development.

One driver on Mt. Juliet Road near Providence said, "Oh, it's a nightmare..... ...I don't know where everybody's coming from. I really don't and both ways."

Ken Greff has watched Mt. Juliet grow. He moved here 15 years ago, and fell in love with the place.

Greff said, "I love my neighbors and the whole neighborhood is great, but the traffic up here has become so bad."

He said traffic is bad on Mt. Juliet Road east of I-40.

Daniel Morrison agrees. Morrison commutes back and forth between Mt. Juliet and Hermitage.

Morrison said, "I would say and I would suggest that they probably widen this road. You know that would make the flow much better."

The traffic congestion has grabbed the attention of the city. In fact, one city commissioner recommends a moratorium on all new development until the issue is resolved.

 "And that word has an impact. If you look at my telephone logs you'll see what kind of impact. It blows up,"  said Commissioner Ray Justice.

Justice says is not to stop new development, but to get people talking.

His plan is to introduce a resolution calling for the moratorium at the next commission meeting.

Justice said, "Hopefully, we'll get a deferral, and we'll have city staff and whatever engineers we need to start looking at what it's going to take to put in a one year to a five year plan, and make sure we have the infrastructure in place to continue our development. We don't want to slow down."

The infrastructure includes roads, and sewer and water lines.

He said, "At what point do we get those lines upgraded and do we allow the development to come in at the same time. How does that work?"

Justice says he hopes to get some answers.

Ken Greff jokes it's what they call progress, but in this case a little too much progress.

Geff said, "Well, I think it has grown enough."

Commissioner Justice says he'll introduce his development moratorium resolution at the next commission meeting which is July 14, 2014.

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