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New Farm Opens In Gallatin To Help Neglected Horses

New Farm Opens In Gallatin To Help Neglected Horses

CREATED Jun 29, 2014

by Jennifer Reyes

GALLATIN, Tenn. – Rescued horses have a new place to go to for recovery. It’s all thanks to a group in Gallatin known as the Volunteer Equine Advocates.

In the past ten year they have helped over 600 animals.

The organization is made up of a group of concerned citizens working to improve the lives of abandoned, neglected or abused horses in Tennessee.

Jamie Clifton has seen her share of neglected horses over the year.

“Oh yeah, they were a lot worse,” said Clifton.

She’s referring to two horses in their care known as Mitch and Archie. They came to her after their owner cut their overgrown nails too short leaving them almost unable to walk.

“We didn’t think they would ever walk normal again but they’re both doing fine,” said Clifton.

On Sunday, they group opened a new farm with the same purpose in mind, they call it the New Day Rescue and Rehab Farm.

“It's a new day for the farm, a new day for the horses and a new day for the Volunteer Equine Advocates.”

The facility is hoping to prevent animal neglect early on, by teaching young children the proper way to take care of animals. The plan is introduce a program to the school board of education once school starts.

“More education you have for the kids and show us how important it is to take care of these animals, the pride that you get from that, the learning that the kids get from it's just amazing,” said Cub Master James Button.

His troop, Troop #42, volunteers their time with the organization.

The New Day Rescue and Rehab Farm needs volunteers and donations to keep things going.

To find out how you can help visit the organization’s website at http://www.veatnhorserescue.com

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