Former Vanderbilt Football Player Taken Back Into Custody

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Former Vanderbilt Football Player Taken Back Into Custody

CREATED Jun 27, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – One of the former football players charged in the Vanderbilt rape case has been taken back in custody because of a clerical change to the charges against him.

Brandon Vandenburg turned himself into police at the Criminal Justice Center Friday afternoon after the state modified the charges against him.

The former Vanderbilt student, along with two acquaintances from California, still face a charge of tampering with evidence in the alleged rape that happened one year ago this week on the Vanderbilt campus.

"This is another ploy to intimidate defense council, and Mr. Vandenburg, from the motions that we filed. If the prosecution knew the facts, like we know them, we wouldn't be here doing this," said Albert Perez, one of Vandenburg's attorneys. 

Officials said Vandenburg did not face any new charges in the case, but the state modified those charges to correct a date. Still, all three men will have to turn themselves in again.

Vandenburg had to come back to Nashville from California because of the change. His lawyers said he would most likely stay in town over the weekend because he has a hearing Monday morning.