Musician Ben Folds Writes Open Letter In Effort To Save Studio A

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Musician Ben Folds Writes Open Letter In Effort To Save Studio A

CREATED Jun 25, 2014
by Chris Conte

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - In an effort to keep the last verse of a historic recording studio from being written, legendary musician Ben Folds is asking the public for help.

For the last 12 years, world famous pianist and lead singer for Ben Fold Five, Ben Folds has been a tenant inside Music Row's legendary RCA Studio A. 

Last week, Folds received word the building is in the process of being sold to Brentwood-base Bravo Development and he's unsure what the future of the studio might be.

"Maybe we've taken it for granted," Ben told NewsChannel 5 in an interview on Wednesday. "Music Row keeps Nashville viable and I hope for Nashville that we can come up with a solution that means we can continue to progress. This is the only city in the world truly built on music and part of the reason that is that we have such an incredibly center of Music Row.”

From the outside, the tan bricks and brown mortar of 30 Music Square West give no hint as to the history the building holds.

Legends from Dolly Parton, to Willie Nelson, to Tony Bennett to Elvis have all sung in the nearly perfect acoustics of Studio A and Ben Folds is worried that it all could be lost.

"I'm hoping everyone can come together and come up with something creative that keeps the studio current forever," Ben said.

Click here to read a copy of Ben Folds' Open Letter to the City of Nashville.

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