Judge Grants Partial Gag Order In Vanderbilt Rape Case

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Judge Grants Partial Gag Order In Vanderbilt Rape Case

CREATED Jun 25, 2014
NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A Davidson County judge has granted a partial gag order request in the Vanderbilt rape case.

The alleged victim and her attorney Ed Yarbrough asked for the order after defense attorneys filed a very revealing motion in court earlier this week.

Lawyers for Branden Vandenburg, one of four former football players charged with raping a co-ed on campus last year, filed a detailed document with the court regarding evidence in the case. It included a photograph of the alleged victim posing with former-Vanderbilt football coach, James Franklin. 

The details also documented alleged drinking and promiscuity on behalf of the alleged victim.

Judge Monte Watkins has ordered the filing to be put under seal, citing the alleged victim's right to be treated with dignity and to be free from intimidation or harassment.

The order also prohibited the future public release of any other similar personal information involving the alleged victim -- from photographs to medical, financial and even employment records.