Surprising New Developments In Vanderbilt Rape Case

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Surprising New Developments In Vanderbilt Rape Case

CREATED Jun 24, 2014
by Nick Beres

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - New evidence continues to emerge in the Vanderbilt rape case. 

Prosecutors charged Brandon Vandenburg and three other former football players with raping a co-ed last year.

A new court filing talks about fingerprint evidence lifted from a condom box found in the room where the alleged sexual assault happened.

"We see that a latent finger print report does not contain a fingerprint match with Brandon Vandenburg," said Vandenburg's attorney Fletcher Long.  

He believes this evidence could help clear his client.

Fingerprints from two of his co-defendants were found on the package.  Long considers that significant.  

The latest filing by Long and attorney John Herbison argues that the prosecution has failed to turn discovery evidence over to them in a timely fashion. Prosecutors deny the allegation.

 Long said another recent discovery, also provided by the prosecution, includes a photograph of former Vanderbilt football coach James Franklin with a woman defense attorneys believe to be the alleged victim.

Long said he wants to learn more about that relationship and did not rule out calling Franklin a witness in trial. 

"If we need him, we'll call him," said Long.

 New discovery detailed in the filing also raises questions about a woman who witnesses said bought drinks for the football players and the alleged victim. 

Defense attorneys will ask the judge to dismiss the charges against Vandenburg next Monday. 

The trial is scheduled to begin in August.

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