Chattanooga Doughnut Mural Safe For Now

Chattanooga Doughnut Mural Safe For Now

CREATED Jun 21, 2014

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) - A doughnut mural on display in Chattanooga is safe - for now.

The city attorney's office has asked city inspectors to halt any action against Koch's Bakery owner Barbara Davis. She had been ordered to paint over her doughnut mural because it was considered an advertisement.

The city order sparked a backlash.

A city inspector recently told Davis the doughnuts she paid $11,000 to have painted on a dilapidated building constitute an illegal ad and must go.

A group of local artists started a petition and the City Council asked the city attorney's office to review the ordinance.

City Attorney Wade Hinton recommended delaying any action until his office completes its review and the council has a chance to consider potential clarifications to the ordinance.

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