Sinkhole Forces Senior Living Facility Evacuation

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Sinkhole Forces Senior Living Facility Evacuation

CREATED Jun 18, 2014

by Adam Ghassemi

HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. – From the National Corvette Museum to Austin Peay's football stadium, sinkholes have been in the news over the last several months. This time it forced the evacuation of a senior living facility in Hopkinsville.

The facility's owners said some residents have lived at the home for as many as 30 years. Some didn't take the news so well. There was even one last holdout who did not leave until Wednesday morning.

"It's heartbreaking. A lot of residents have been here for a very long time,” said co-owner Mike Vaught.

Vaught said he and his business partner, Todd Seaver, bought the Hopkinsville facility around 18 months ago, but only recently noticed a crack in the floor when a sinkhole started to open.

"It was gradually getting bigger,” Vaught said.

The state fire marshal decided Friday that residents had to evacuate.

Engineers, geologists and the facility’s insurance company have been working to figure out how to fix the sinkhole. Vaught said a second sinkhole also seems to be opening on the property.

All residents either went to different facilities owned by Vaught and Seaver, or other area facilities as they try to figure out how to stop any more damage.

"If there's a chance that, you know, the building can be repaired, hopefully they'll be able to come back home,” Vaught said.

He said the most important thing was that everyone was safe.

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