Nashville Iced Coffee Microbrewery Hopes To Start Java Trend

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Nashville Iced Coffee Microbrewery Hopes To Start Java Trend

CREATED Jun 16, 2014
by Todd Walker

NASHVILLE, Tenn - The first wave of what could be a new trend in coffee has arrived in Nashville: microbrewed iced coffee.

Bottles of Switters Iced Coffee have started popping up at stores around Nashville.

Co-owner Sheri Young says she and her husband got the idea while traveling around Southeast Asia and wanting to create a similar iced coffee experience in their new home of Nashville.

Switters Iced Coffee is made from locally roasted beans from business partner 8th & Roast.

It could be the first in a growing trend of microbrewed coffee drinks similar to the popularity of locally brewed beer.

Switters claims to use a secret brewing method that naturally keeps their iced coffee fresh for up to a few weeks so it can be bottled or kegged to use in local coffee shops.

"For a coffee shop to make iced coffee they have to do the whole grind the beans," Young said. "If they're doing cold brew it takes hours and hours and hours. What we're doing with the kegged coffee is eliminating that for the coffee shop."

8th & Roast co-owner Lesa Wood says Switters uses a method she and her husband had been working on for years, but weren't able to mass produce and keep up with demand.

Switters Iced Coffee is already sold in local Whole Foods stores, and the kegged iced coffee is served in multiple cafes and bars, but Young says they plan to expand throughout the Southeast by next year.

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