Shoney’s Changing With The Times

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Shoney’s Changing With The Times

CREATED Jun 13, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – After years declining revenue Shoney's is making changes to keep up with the times.

For nearly 70 years, Shoney's has been known for serving what they call the American Cuisine.

It's a must have for Deborah Maddux when she travels.

"Eating at Shoney's for many years when I travel, because we don't have a Shoney's in Las Vegas," said Maddux.

From the buffet to the salad bar, this was the place to eat a hefty meal at a low cost, but through the years things have changed and the loyal customers noticed.

Declining revenue and the closing of hundreds of stores motivated heads of the restaurant to push for changes, starting in Georgia, Florida and Missouri.

"We've already completely re-image those restaurants; they're actually brand new restaurants with a new modern look," said director of marketing Damon Davoudpour.

Those particular restaurants are now selling alcohol and providing more food to order over the buffet.

"And again that just kind of caters to today's guests, the millennial's for today and tomorrow," he said.

A change with the times, but Davoudpour says, don't worry, the thing the local customers love, like the buffet and the salad bar are still there.

“I think that's why people come to Shoney's, for the buffet. You can go anywhere and get something off the menu, but they have a great buffet," said customer Kaelyn Buurman.

This brand was founded on core values of fresh, innovated food, friendly service and we just want to bring that back, not just Nashville, but all over the country," said Davoudpour.

Davoudpour says the changes at the four restaurants have been great for business.

He says Tennesseans could see beer and wine in our local Shoney's within the next year.