Mt. Juliet Considers Fire Dept. Expansion, Private Ambulances

Mt. Juliet Considers Fire Dept. Expansion, Private Ambulances

CREATED Jun 12, 2014

MT. JULIET, Tenn - The growing town of Mount Juliet is considering expanding its brand new fire department.

City leaders are also considering dropping the current ambulance service provided by Wilson County Emergency Management in favor of a private company.

Thursday night, at a special meeting with Mt. Juliet city leaders, the fire department said its current response isn't up to par with national standards.

The Mt. Juliet Fire Department is less than a year old and Chief Erron Kinney says in the 22 house fires the department has responded to it hasn't met national standards once. According to National Fire Protection Association standards they don't have enough people.

"We want to get 10 people on scene within 10 minutes, 80 percent of the time," Kinney said. "We were not able to do that once. (The proposal) we have in front of you would allow us to do that."

The fire department is proposing adding six firefighters to staff a second fire hall in town and bringing on a private ambulance company with four EMS personnel from the company Medic One.

Chief Kinney says hiring Medic One would not cost tax payers a dime, but the six new firefighters would be an additional $300,000 per year.

Medic One's CEO estimates there are enough people in Mt. Juliet with some sort of health coverage that ambulance expenses would be covered without needing city money.

Mt. Juliet city leaders vote on the city's budget on June 23rd.

City commissioners would have to add the money for the firefighters into the budget before then.

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