Spring Hill Looks For Ways To Improve Growing Traffic Problems

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Spring Hill Looks For Ways To Improve Growing Traffic Problems

CREATED Jun 12, 2014
by Aundrea Cline-Thomas

SPRING HILL, Tenn. - Rush hour isn't limited to weekdays in Spring Hill. Drivers say the traffic is so bad, they have to change their plans to account for the congestion.

"You have to plan a lot of extra time especially since we first moved here until now," said Spring Hill resident Julie Leavitt.

Drivers should not be in a hurry when getting around Spring Hill.

"Awful the best way to describe it," commuter Jon Jacob's said. "It's bumper to bumper traffic."

Since 2000 the population here has quadrupled and shows no signs of slowing down.

"Every time you see a chunk of land go up for sale that means another stop light or another flow of traffic is coming out so it's very frustrating," Leavitt added.

City leaders recognize they can no longer allow the issue to remain idle. That's why they're looking for solutions for their growing pains. In the short term they're monitoring the timing of the traffic lights to ensure they're properly synced.

Widening the road is also a consideration, but without being placed on TDOTs priority list to qualify for state funding, Spring Hill taxpayers may be left to foot the bill.

It’s an issue City Administrator Victor Lay said wouldn't be considered without a referendum.

"As traffic increases Spring Hill becomes less of an attractive city to be in if no one wants to have to sit in traffic and wait and wait and wait," Lay said. "Once we have a plan we'll probably go back to TDOT and say ok we've got a plan here's how much we're willing to commit to it. Will you match it and make it a priority."

Meanwhile last month, 70 new building permits were issued  in Spring Hill.

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