Suspect Highlights Common 911 Abuse

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Suspect Highlights Common 911 Abuse

CREATED Jun 11, 2014

by Adam Ghassemi

GALLATIN, Tenn. – Sunday afternoon, 911 dispatchers got an urgent call.

"He lives in this apartment, and he's outside on the balcony, he has a gun. He's shot it once,” a woman told a dispatcher.

Police said Antoiyia Vaughn claimed a man was in a fight with his roommate and had a gun.

“Was it a handgun or was it a rifle? Could you tell,” the dispatched asked.

“Ugh, I think it might have been a handgun,” she replied.

The problem is it was all a lie.

"The person she claimed that had the gun was in Huntsville, Alabama at the time,” said Officer Bill Storment.

Investigators said Vaughn was trying to get revenge, possibly because the man she was calling about didn’t buy her 24 inch rims.

Her call sent armed officers and even a SWAT team to the Brookhaven Apartments, where a building had to be evacuated.

"Her intent was to harass him or cause him some distress in having to deal with the police department,” Storment said.

It may sound ridiculous, but it's a problem that apparently keeps happening tying up 911 dispatchers and officers that could be working real cases.

Vaughn faces filing a false report, misuse of 911 and disorderly conduct. It’s a harsh reminder that picking up the phone for a fake emergency will mean a lot of trouble for someone crying wolf.

"It's not just simply tying up our resources, but filing a false police report is a class-C felony,” Storment said.

Wednesday Vaughn said by phone the idea that this all happened because of rims is a lie. She said any other comment should come from her attorney, who didn’t respond by news time.

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