Train Car Overturns Downtown After Ground Under Tracks Gives Way

Train Car Overturns Downtown After Ground Under Tracks Gives Way

CREATED Jun 11, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Officials have begun working to determine how to right a train car that overturned under the Woodland Street Bridge in downtown Nashville.

The incident happened just before noon Wednesday.

The train was pulling over a half-dozen railway cars northbound on the tracks between LP Field and the Cumberland River. Somehow the last car jumped the tracks. It was dragged behind the train for 700 to 1000 feet before the train stopped. The steel tires dug deep marks in the dirt and sliced through concrete near the stadium. 

As the railroad car passed under the Woodland Street Bridge, the ground beneath the tracks appears to have shifted and the railway ties gave way. The car turned over onto the embankment of the Cumberland River.

The car was pulled along the embankment for several feet before detaching from the train. 

It was not clear if the car was hauling anything, but officials said it was not carrying any kind of hazardous materials.

Crews were walking along the line, working to figure out how to pull the train car out of the area.

The tracks heavy sustained damage as the railroad car rolled off the rail.

It was not known if any other railway traffic on the line was impacted.