Antioch Cemetery Belongs To Springfield Dairy Farmer

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Antioch Cemetery Belongs To Springfield Dairy Farmer

CREATED Jun 10, 2014
by Jennifer Reyes

ANTIOCH, Tenn. – A historical cemetery, found hidden behind a car wash in Antioch, has been claimed by 71-year-old man in Springfield.

On Friday, NewsChannel 5 aired the story on the cemetery after business owner James Schelpman discovered it hidden behind the car wash in Antioch.

"Is it something that's forgotten, there's some history there and there's some respect that need to be paid to the folks that's there you know," Schelpman said on Friday.

Robert Rains Bruce, a dairy farmer from Springfield said the cemetery belongs to the Rains Family.

Bruce, who said he stays busy seven days a week with his farm, said he didn't realize how bad the cemetery was until someone saw the story on T.V.

"The day after I did go down and worked on it, and as long as I live I will try to keep it looking good if I can for my sake and everybody else who looks at it,” he said.

The Rains family cemetery has 19 headstones dating back to the 1700s. Bruce's family was one of the first to settle in Antioch.

The family kept record of it all in a book put together by Elizabeth Rains Webb, who passed away in 2002. Everyone in the family has a copy.

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