Forgotten Graveyard Discovered Behind Antioch Business

Forgotten Graveyard Discovered Behind Antioch Business

CREATED Jun 6, 2014

ANTIOCH, Tenn. - A business owner in Antioch has uncovered a piece of history. Problem is, no one is claiming it and the city doesn't know who it belongs to.

Richard Road in Antioch looks like any commercial area in the city, that is until you go behind the Antioch Car wash. Behind a chain link fence among overgrown vegetation are tombstones. Some dating back to the 1800s.

James Schelpman says it doesn't bother him, it's not hurting his business, he'd just like to see it cleaned up.

"Is it something that's forgotten, there's some history there and there's some respect that need to be paid to the folks that's there you know," said Schelpman.

He says he contacted the codes department to try to find out who this property belongs to but they told him there are no taxes on record and they couldn't find a deed.  Basically no one knows who the property belongs to.

The forgotten graveyard is on Cummings Park Drive which is also next door to Jeff Hill's business. He said he knew about the tombstones and hopes someone will finally come take care of them.

“It's kind of a shame to just leave it out there and do nothing about it.," said Hill.

The codes department said a complaint was filed last week but the inspector hasn't been able to make it out there just yet.

Once he does he'll start doing some extensive research to find out who owns that property, and the clean-up process will begin.