Trees Down, Roof Damage Throughout Franklin Neighborhood

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Trees Down, Roof Damage Throughout Franklin Neighborhood

CREATED Jun 5, 2014

FRANKLIN, Tenn. – The overnight storms damaged some areas in the Franklin area of Williamson County.

Trees and power lines were knocked down as well as some homes were damaged during the storm in the Oak Leaf subdivision. It’s believed to have been straight line winds that caused the damage.

“I've been going through the neighborhood, and just taking pictures of all the damage that has taken place. And it's just mind boggling,” said JoAnn Andress.

Andress said she only suffered some broken branches and a temporary power outage, unlike some of her neighbors.

“This is a home on Isaac Lane-- there was a tree that went down on the end of the home-- I think a little girl's bedroom. And so it did go down into the roofline and you know, broke into the roof and the brick,” Andress said.

On Henpeck Lane, there was roof damage and a power pole snapped in half. Power crews were on scene working to repair the pole and restore the power.

Jim Berryman has lived on his property for 40 years now.

“That's a rubber roof on the front of that porch, didn't affect the shingle up there that we can tell, but it just rolled the rubber roof right off the porch. I mean, it’s gone,” he said.

“We got the storm last night. It hit about 2:45, 3 a.m. somewhere in there, and it sounded like something was throwing trees against the front of the house, and that's what the noise was,” Berryman explained.

He and his sons worked hard Thursday morning to clear the trees and branches that covered his property.

With the destruction and power outage, Berryman said it brought back bad memories.

“Looks like something from Vietnam came through here and blew the place up again, I mean again it's just so related back to the ice storm where you know in a 45 minute period all the trees came down. And it's just amazing how much damage Mother Nature did in such a short time,” Berryman concluded.