Drivers Reminded To Use Caution In TDOT Construction Zones

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Drivers Reminded To Use Caution In TDOT Construction Zones

CREATED Jun 4, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Pick an interstate across Tennessee and it won't be long before you see orange barrels, construction equipment and traffic coming to a crawl.

“You have to remember that construction is a year round business, but certainly as people want to take advantage of the summer months, so do we,” TDOT Spokesperson Heather Jensen said.

The widening of Interstate 65 at Trinity Lane in Nashville is half way done. Traffic has been shifted from four lanes to three to accommodate construction.

“We want to get as much work done as possible,” Jensen said. “We have daylight hours, more good weather that we can work in. So we certainly want to use that to our advantage.”

That's why drivers have been urged to use caution, as they hit the road for vacation or during their daily commute.

“Slow down. There are posted speed limits that are slower than the regular speed limits. Be aware of those and just use caution.”

From paving, to widening, to overall road improvements the projects represent more than $100 million at work.

“Keep in mind that we have a more than $8 million backlog of projects waiting to be done. So there is always work to be done on Tennessee roadways.”

The newest project will start in a couple weeks on Interstate 65 in the Rivergate area. Crews will be paving and doing bridge repairs, reducing the interstate to one lane in one direction on the weekends.

Drivers can always call 511 or check TDOT's website to identify construction zones when planning a trip.