Faulty Water Meters Causing Issues in McMinnville

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Faulty Water Meters Causing Issues in McMinnville

CREATED Jun 3, 2014
by Chris Conte

McMinnville, Tenn. -  A $1.2 million overhaul to McMinnville's water meter system is apparently going down the drain after officials find the new high-tech equipment isn't working the way it's suppose to. 

In 2006 city officials purchased electronic meter readers from Mt. Juliet based Volunteer Utility Sales. The water meters were supposed to allow city officials to read how much water a customer uses wirelessly, speeding up the process for workers and making it easier.

But it's not working.

"We've had problems with the meters for the last seven years. It's gotten to a point that it's costing man hours to go back out and look at these meters and visually check each one in the ground to ensure they're accurate," explains Water Department Director Billy Brock.

"There probably was not enough research done with the meters when they were purchased," adding that he wasn't in charge during 2006 when they were purchased.

Brock says the city reduced its meter readers to one employee but are now having a difficult time keeping up with the workload.

"The meters were purchased in good faith but we are now looking at buying a few thousand new ones at a time to see if they're working so we don't get the same issue," he added.

Overhauling the system with new equipment will take close to seven years.

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