Sneak Peek At Joey From ‘War Horse’ At TPAC

Sneak Peek At Joey From ‘War Horse’ At TPAC

CREATED Jun 3, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – “War Horse,” winner of five 2011 Tony Awards including Best Play, will premiere in Nashville Tuesday night at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center.

Media were given a sneak peek Tuesday morning, including seeing Joey the horse and the puppeteers who control the life-sized puppet.

The puppet is hand-made in South Africa, and made out of natural materials like cane wood.

“All the mechanisms that work him are all done by us, the puppeteers themselves. There’s nothing electronic about him; it’s all back to bicycle brakes, simple gears and pulleys,” said one of the puppeteers named James.

Joey even spent time meeting with some mounted patrol officers and their horses.

“War Horse,” adapted from the book Morpurgo by Nick Stafford, is currently on a nationwide tour. It runs through June 8 at Andrew Jackson Hall at TPAC in Nashville.