GlobaLive! Concert Kicks Off CMA Week

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

GlobaLive! Concert Kicks Off CMA Week

CREATED Jun 3, 2014
by Chris Cannon

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Country Music fans have converged on Nashville for the 2014 CMA Music Festival. It does not officially start until Thursday, but the music is already underway.

A crowd gathered at 1st Avenue and Broadway Monday night, for the CMA World GlobaLive! concert. Country artists from around the world performed for five hours.

Jaida Dreyer hails from north of the boarder.

“Being someone who's from Canada, who is very proud of their Canadianess [sic], it's a pretty cool thing to be able to represent my country on this stage,” Dreyer said.

There were plenty of her fellow Canadians on Lower Broadway for the CMA World GlobaLive! Concert.

“We were walking and heard the music, and it sounded good, so we wanted to come and see,” said Cynthia Allard.

She and her friend made the ten and a half hour trip from Ontario, Canada to spend the week in Music City, and they knew to get here early.

“My mom was here last year and they came Wednesday and they found it rushed, and they found out there is a lot of other stuff, so we came out early to do everything else,” explained Chrissy Osmond.

They were not alone. The streets of downtown Nashville were already crowded with CMA Music Festival attendees, even though the actual festival doesn't officially get underway until Thursday.

O'Shea, a husband and wife duo from Australia, know the draw of country music across the globe and how the CMA Music Festival draws people in from 21 foreign countries.

“It's the biggest country music festival in the world, folks travel in from all over the globe. We're thrilled to be part of it and play our music to a bunch of folks who normally would not really hear it,” Mark O'Shea said.

As this week that is all about the fans kicks off, the artists at the concert know they are here for an experience like no other, and that's why so many of them are already here.

“Country music fans are the best, they're the most loyal of all the music genres. So they're here to party for a whole week. They're committed, when they party they don't do it for a few days, it's a whole week long party, said Jay O'Shea.

The free music continues Tuesday night with the “Music City Gives Back” concert on Lower Broadway. There's long list of country artists playing, with Rodney Atkins headlining the show.

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