Political Campaigning Gets Personal In Oak Hill

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Political Campaigning Gets Personal In Oak Hill

CREATED May 31, 2014
by Aundrea Cline-Thomas

OAK HILL, Tenn. - The politics and future of Oak Hill is bringing residents together.

“We don't want this commercial option to be on the table anymore,” resident Louis Rieke said. “We're going to totally remove it.”

The three person city commission, which includes the Mayor, already voted not to pursue what would've been the city's first-ever commercial development at the corner of Old Hickory Boulevard and Franklin Pike. Two of the three Commission seats are up for election causing the battle both for and against commercial real estate to re-surface.

“It takes two of three commissioners to do whatever they want to,” Rieke added.

“Some of the flyers are more negative (and) more personal than I would've expected in this election cycle,” resident Lance Iverson said.

Possibly the most salacious flyer, accused candidate Heidi Campbell of not believing in God. It alleged that she planned to eliminate the faith based churches and schools. They’re allegation she denies.

“This last card about my faith and my beliefs is very personal and inappropriate,” Campbell said.

The fierce mudslinging is odd for a city of only about 4,700 residents. The focus is on two seats up for election.

“This election is really a referendum on the pro commercial camp and the non-commercial camp,” Rieke explained.

However, Iverson doesn't believe the issue is that simple.

“We've got services in this community that are important to me,” Iverson explained, “and I think we need to be broadly looking at options that give us the best chance to retain those services.”

That’s why he would entertain the idea of commercial development. From flyers, to websites, to meetings each side is mobilizing hoping to have the loudest voice in the voting booth.

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