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Woman Hurt, Man Escapes Injury After Semi Leaves I-40 East

Woman Hurt, Man Escapes Injury After Semi Leaves I-40 East

CREATED May 31, 2014

BELLEVUE, Tenn. – A man and fiancé narrowly escaped serious injuries Saturday afternoon, when the vehicle he was driving swerved off of Interstate 40.

The incident was reported around 12:30 p.m. on I-40 in Bellevue, not far from the Highway 70 exit. 

William Swihart was traveling with his fiancé when he fell asleep at the wheel. He told NewsChannel 5 he didn’t wake up in time to correct his steering.

"She was trying to wake me up, but evidently I wouldn't wake up and the next thing I know I wake up and everything's flying forward on me and I hit the brakes -- and stopped."

The truck traveled so far into the wood that it was barely visible from the interstate.

Swihart emphasized he had plenty of off-time last year, but just didn't get enough rest because of a lingering injury from another accident.

His fiancé was hurt in the crash and taken to a hospital. Her identity was not known.

The couple’s three dogs were also inside the truck at the time of the collision. One of the dogs was reported as missing after the wreck.