Metro Police Suspect Foul Play In Disappearance Of Nashville Model

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Metro Police Suspect Foul Play In Disappearance Of Nashville Model

CREATED May 30, 2014
by Mark Bellinger

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Friends and family are worried about the sudden disappearance of a 37-year-old Nashville model.

Nikki Burgess has disappeared and Metro Police suspect foul play. Police, her friends and family are trying to find her.

Metro Police helped serve a search warrant near the Knoxville area Friday night, but said it was just a formality and not to expect much.

Burgess texted her best friend last Friday afternoon and has not been seen since.

Her friend, Shannon Million, describes her as an alternative model.

"She has won several different beauty contests around town and she's been published in Pin Up America Magazine,” said Million.

Million is writer for “American Pin Up Magazine.” She is also a model.

"You know we're those girls who are not 5-9 [inches tall] and above and weighs 100 pounds - even though she does weigh 100 pounds soaking wet,” she said.

Burgess is barely 5-feet-tall. The 37-year-old has been missing for a week.

She lives in a duplex on Oak Vale Drive in Hermitage. Police searched it and the surrounding area for more than four hours Thursday evening.

"We know that her car with her purse inside was at her residence. Her two dogs were inside the home, which friends and relatives say was unusual - that if she was going to be gone for an extended period of time she would have boarded the dogs,” said Metro Police Department Spokesman Don Aaron.

A neighbor who lives directly across the street told police he saw a strange gray car back up into the driveway last Friday evening.

"I just saw the car back up. In know she picked her son up Thursday from school,” David Underwood said.

Nikki Burgess has a 10-year-old son. Police said the child was with her on Thursday, but not Friday.

The boy has been with his father, who lives in Knoxville. Investigators said he has custodial rights and picked up the child at school.

He told police he didn't see Burgess. Police are asking him and a lot of other people questions.

"Family and friends have provided us information about those she was close to and perhaps people she was not getting along with,” said Aaron.

Friends have set up a Facebook page called Find Nikki Burgess.

"She is such a loving , caring person. Everyone is attracted to her,” said Million.

If you've seen Nikki Burgess anytime since Friday, you should call the Metro Police Department.