Dog Seized From Alleged Dog Fighting Operation To Be Adopted

Dog Seized From Alleged Dog Fighting Operation To Be Adopted

CREATED May 30, 2014
NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The first dog seized from an alleged dog fighting operation in Nashville has been cleared for adoption.

Dolly, a female pit bull that was one of three dozen dogs surrendered to Metro Animal Care and Control earlier this month, will be adopted by her new family Saturday.

On Friday, Dolly was cleared for adoption following a formal behavioral assessment. In October, MACC changed it's policy to be based on behavior, instead of breed.

“And just because a dog has been treated badly, they’re amazingly resilient creatures. And they can totally bounce back, totally,” said Denise Heatherly with ASPCA Nashville.

The dogs have been housed in an off-site location since they were seized during a raid on a property on Pewitt Road in Nashville in April. The raid was the result of an investigation into a major heroin and cocaine trafficking organization in the city. While officers were at his home executing a drug search, they discovered the dogs.

Investigators also found syringes with suspected steroids, treadmills, and a breeding stand.

The dogs' owner, 34-year-old Michael Davis, gave up his rights to them earlier this month. He also waived his right to appear in court last Thursday and the case against him will now go before a grand jury.

It was unclear when the other dogs would be available for adoption.

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