Clarksville Woman Charged After Dogs Maul Neighbor’s Dog

Clarksville Woman Charged After Dogs Maul Neighbor’s Dog

CREATED May 30, 2014
CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. - A Clarksville woman was arrested after her dogs viciously mauled a neighbor’s dog.

Kovin Ellington, age 28, was charged Tuesday with two counts of allowing her dogs to run at large. She has since been freed on $500 bond.

Ellington was accused of letting her two dogs get out of her yard and into neighbor Emily Pryor's yard earlier this month.

Pryor said she'd let her own dog, a Jack Russell terrier named Jonah, outside. That's when Ellington's dogs attacked him, mauling him so severely he died from his injuries.

NewsChannel 5 spoke with Pryor, who said after the attack she was afraid to let her young son outside to play in her own yard.

“My dog wasn't much bigger than my child,” said Pryor on May 19. “If they could completely destroy my dog like that, I fear what they could do to a child or maybe a neighbor.”

Pryor also said the dogs attacked her neighbor when they went to get the dogs off of Jonah.

Pryor and her neighbor called animal control after the attack, and took out warrants.

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