Nashville Inventors Design Device That Can Make Roads Safer For Teen Drivers

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Nashville Inventors Design Device That Can Make Roads Safer For Teen Drivers

CREATED May 29, 2014
by Chris Cannon

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A team of Nashville inventors designed an emergency response device that can notify responders when a car is involved in a crash, or some other type of emergency.

The device is called SplitSecnd and uses cell phone, along with GPS technology, and the technology used to activate air bags to notify an emergency call center in the event of a crash.

"If you get into an intense accident, then it automatically calls for help. And it has a two way phone in it, so you're speaking with emergency responders at our SplitSecnd response center," explained co-inventor Will Green.

If you are unconscious after the wreck, operators are still able to dispatch emergency responders to the scene.

"They know where you location already is, and if you need help, they can get you 911 right away," Green said.

The designers had teen drivers in-mind when they invented SplitSecnd. They released the product at the start of summer because it is the most dangerous time of year for inexperienced drivers.

"Between the period of Memorial Day and Labor Day, there's seven of the ten most dangerous days for teenage drivers," according to Green.

SplitSecnd can also track where your teen is driving. If you have an Android phone the device can monitor if they are texting in driving. A panic button allows you to contact the call center if you are having a medical emergency, or feel your safety is compromised.

If you are pulled over by a suspicious vehicle, and you are not sure they are a legitimate police officer, you can press the panic button and the call center can verify if it is indeed a police officer.

SplitSecnd is giving away devices this summer during its SafeSummerTN.com initiative.

"We've got a pledge, and it's between the parent and the kid to basically drive safe all summer, and if they do so, they get an award. We're giving out 100 devices, with that goal of keeping kids safe during the summer," Green said.

Teens living in Middle Tennessee can obtain one of the devices, and the monthly monitoring fee is covered until the end of summer.

Just log onto the website to claim one of the 100 free SplitSecnd devices.

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