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Home's Unique Art Really Isn’t A Tragedy

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Home's Unique Art Really Isn’t A Tragedy

CREATED May 29, 2014

by Adam Ghassemi

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. – It's a sight that, at first, makes you wonder if there's been a tragedy. The flashing lights via remote control don't help.

Tony Allers, the artist behind a half police car that appears to crash into his home, isn't showing any signs of stopping.

"I mean you've got the car through the side of the house and then what do you do next? Well, an airplane has got to crash through the roof,” he said Thursday.

His family's home at Ingrid Way and Iris Drive has been turning heads for years. Now a fake plane crash is keeping them turning.

"Most of the time they'll just stop by and get out and take pictures. You know it's kind of like a little tourist thing and we welcome it,” Allers said.

At first, the squad car scared people enough to panic and call 911. Now emergency responders realize Allers has a new addition.

"The first night it was up there the fire department came by. They did pull up they just shined a light on it and beeped their horn, waved and drove off so they know it's us,” he said.

Allers made the plane's tail himself complete with a "Flying A" logo to represent their last name and the tail number which is actually their street address.

Their granddaughters, Meg and Janey Phillips, know having a fake plane crash makes their grandparents' house one of the coolest ever.

"I think it looks really cool,” Janey said. “I don't any other grandparents that would do something like this,” her older sister added.

Allers may be a HOA's worst nightmare, but his wife, Diane, seems to be ok with it.

"I do have limits,” she said jokingly. "I can't tell him no. I might as well not it's not worth it.”

The squad car is hooked up to be more realistic with dryer exhaust coming out of the tail pipe. The plane will eventually be a vent for a bathroom moisture fan.

If you think Allers is anywhere close to being done, don’t. He's already working on a 9 ft. dinosaur made out of GM parts that will go in the front yard. It will be for one of his granddaughters, who likes dinosaurs and modeled after the T-Rex character from “Toy Story.”

He hopes all the displays send a message for people to slow down and have fun.

"You only have one time to go around why be grouchy? Have a good time. Enjoy it,” he said.

Allers said he also plans to install a fireman's pole and loft inside their home for his grandkids.

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