24-Year-Old Mother Charged With Child Neglect

24-Year-Old Mother Charged With Child Neglect

CREATED May 29, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A 24-year-old mother was arrested on a child neglect charge after police said she threw her child’s car seat to the ground with the baby inside it.

A Davidson County affidavit said Metropolitan Nashville Police officers were called to the home on 26th Avenue North for a domestic disturbance on Wednesday night. Two cousins apparently got into an argument about one of their babies who was crying incessantly.

One cousin told police the child’s mother had not fed her baby, and did not have any formula. The mother, identified as Waynette Wilkerson, then allegedly got agitated and wanted to walk home.

The affidavit said her cousin then went to the store to get formula, and when she returned she tried to take the baby for feeding. Wilkerson then allegedly took the baby to put it in a car seat, and sat the car seat in her lap.

Witnesses told police that when the baby continued to cry, Wilkerson took the car seat and threw it approximately two feet to the ground with the baby still inside it, and cursed the infant.

The cousin then took the baby until police arrived. The child was not hurt.

During an interview, police said Wilkerson changed her statements several times. Two witnesses, including the cousin, were interviewed and gave police similar statements of what had happened.

Wilkerson was charged with child neglect, and booked into the Metro Jail on $25,000 bond.

The Department of Children’s Services was notified, but the baby was placed with other family members.