Crossville Vehicular Homicide Suspect Captured In Nevada

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Crossville Vehicular Homicide Suspect Captured In Nevada

CREATED May 29, 2014

RENO, Nev. - A standoff in Nevada led to the arrest of a Crossville man who has been on the run from the law for more than two years.

The Reno Police Department arrested 71-year-old William Douglas Wynn after a 7-hour standoff at the Riverboat Hotel. He was wanted for a December 2010 vehicular homicide by intoxication in Crossville.

In 2012, Wynn was expected to enter a guilty plea in Crossville, but he failed to show up for court. Prosecutors and defense attorneys had agreed on the plea in exchange for an eight-year prison sentence.

Authorities in Crossville said Wynn had been drinking when he struck two vehicles along Highway 127 in December 2010. The crash killed 78-year-old Paul Jensen, and seriously injured his wife Shirley along with another driver, Rebecca Day.

Wynn had been on the run since skipping out on his court date, but investigators had been tracking him.

“Probably about March or April that we tracked him to the city, and then just trying to locate him within the city. He apparently has a cell phone we’ve been tracking,” said Reno Police Lt. Bill Rulla.

On Wednesday, the Reno Police Department developed information that Wynn had checked into the Riverboat Hotel under a false name. Police tried to serve a warrant at his room, but Wynn allegedly barricaded himself inside.

When they found out he had some kind of weapon, police evacuated the second floor and closed several streets.

After about seven hours, Wynn surrendered peacefully.

He was being held in jail in Nevada until he can be extradited back to Tennessee to face charges.