Mid-State Couple Invents Device That Helps With Summer Safety

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Mid-State Couple Invents Device That Helps With Summer Safety

CREATED May 28, 2014
by Chris Cannon

GREENBRIER, Tenn. - A mid-state couple came up with a simple device for bicycle handlebars after their son was seriously injured during a bike crash.

Three years ago, Dave and Judith Meyer had no idea what was wrong with their son Luke after he wrecked his bike.

"His tire caught the edge of our driveway, and turned just enough that it made him wreck, he fell and landed right on top of the handlebars," Judith Meyer explained.

Her son did not feel right afterwards, and was sick the next day. The parents decided to take him to the emergency room, where their worst fears were realized.

"Within hours, we were in the operating room," Meyer said.

Luke punctured his small intestine when he fell on the end of his handlebar. They boy did not have any outward signs of the injury that kept him in the hospital for an entire week.

After the experience, Dave Meyer started thinking about how he could prevent other children from suffering the same injury as his son. He designed the Handlebar Helmet.

"There's a certain amount of force when the child falls on the end of the handlebar," Dave Meyer said. "It just spreads out the load of the impact."

The Handlebar Helmet is easy to install on the end of your child's handlebars. The couple started a company to sell the Handlebar Helmet on-line for $19.95 a pair.

Summertime doctors see an increase of children coming to the emergency room because injuries they suffer while outside playing.

Dr. Roger Nagy is the director of Tri-Star Skyline Medical Center's new trauma center and said there are several hazards that come with riding bikes.

"Not just kids falling over, but making sure they're seen by cars, making sure they're obeying the rules of the road, as well," according to Dr. Nagy.

The doctor said there are safety concerns playing on land, as well as when children are out on the water.

"Making sure your kids have, at least, some basic swimming skills. And whenever they're out on the water, it really doesn't matter how quick a trip it is going to be, they should have flotation devices," Dr. Nagy explained.

He said it is always a good idea just to remind your children about the rules of summer, and what is allowed, and what is safe.

"That's the biggest thing you can work on with them, just situational awareness, when it's ok to do what," said Dr. Nagy.

If your child does become injured, the doctor said it is better to play it safe, and to be cautious.

"Come to the doctor, call your pediatrician, come to the emergency department," the doctor explained. "If it's something simple, hopefully they can see you through the fast track in the emergency room and give you that little bit of confidence that things are going to be okay."

Dr. Nagy also suggested if your child is injured and needs to be rushed to the hospital, let an EMS crew do the driving. They can tend to your child sooner, and you can concentrate on their well being, and not the road.

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