Proposal Would End Door-To-Door Postal Service Delivery

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Proposal Would End Door-To-Door Postal Service Delivery

CREATED May 27, 2014

by Jason Lamb

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Neighbors in Nashville are reacting to news that a bill in congress could knock mail carriers off their feet.

In a move to save the U.S. Postal Service up to $2 billion a year, congress is looking at a bill that could eliminate most door to door mail deliveries by mail carriers on foot.

Many of those deliveries would be converted to apartment-style grouped mailboxes instead.

Folks along one West End street say they've come to love their neighborhood mailman, and they hope the door-to-door deliveries stay put.

“You miss the personal relationship,” said mail carrier Corey Walton. “I had a couple down here get married, and they left me an invitation to come to the reception. I would miss those type of things.”

The Post Office says if a final bill passes, any transition away from door to door delivery may take several years to put in place.

As part of the current bill, those with trouble getting around could apply for a waiver.

Those who want their door to door service to continue would have to pay for it themselves.

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