Metro Schools Will Not Include TCAP Scores In Final Grades

Metro Schools Will Not Include TCAP Scores In Final Grades

CREATED May 27, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Officials with Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools said they will not include TCAP scores in final grades-- even though those results were released Friday.

Metro Schools was one of more than 100 districts that applied for a waiver to bypass state law and not factor the scores into students’ final grades.

TCAP exams, taken in the third through eighth grades, are supposed to test what students have learned during the entire year. It's so important that state law requires them to be factored into students’ grades, up to 20 percent.

The Department of Education had initially informed school superintendents that the scores would be delayed, but the scores were released Friday—a week earlier than expected.

Other districts, such as Wilson County, said they did not apply for the waiver and would still include the scores in final grades.

In Williamson County, the board of Education said the earlier than expected results cost them $113,617, which they planned to ask the state to reimburse. The board had just passed a budget resolution Friday to pay the teachers to come back in during summer vacation to enter the late grades when TCAP scores were made available.