Siegel High School Students Complete Community Service After Failed Prank

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Siegel High School Students Complete Community Service After Failed Prank

CREATED May 24, 2014
by Aundrea Cline-Thomas

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – High School graduation ceremonies are being held across the state. In Murfreesboro, some students there are trying to restore their right to walk across the stage.

“It gets the kids to understand that everything has consequence,” Siegel High School teacher Ralph Metcalf said.

Siegel High School students showed up Saturday morning to wash cars and make pancakes. Community service was their consequence after a senior prank was taken too far, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

“(It) didn't look like a school. It was a mess,” Metcalf said about the failed prank. “Cooking oil (was) everywhere, glitter (was) all over the place. Benches, chairs (and) desks (were) all over the place.”

Students said that wasn't the initial plan for their annual tradition.

“We were going to take some ceiling tiles out of the hallways,” senior Luke Henderson explained. “And we were going to take desks out of, I think the English hallway, and put them on the football field in the shape of 2014.”

In all, 150 seniors have been held accountable for showing up last Thursday night. For them, eight hours of service stands in the way of graduation. Three students, in particular, were more involved.

One took keys from their father, who is a teacher at the school to gain entry. Two others put cooking oil on the floor.

At first, the district was considering not allowing them to participate in graduation. Now Principal Jason Bridgeman said those students have the option of completing 25 hours of community service and raising money to replace the damaged property as a consequence.

Parents and teachers are supporting the students.

“They're really good kids,” Metcalf said. “Their test scores are off the charts this year.”

It’s a lesson that may have students thinking twice when considering what’s a good idea.

“I for sure will not be partaking in another prank, campus defacing or anything,” Henderson said. “Really you could have the best intentions and it could still spiral out of control.”

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