Couple, 2 Children Indicted In Alleged Theft Scheme

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Couple, 2 Children Indicted In Alleged Theft Scheme

CREATED May 23, 2014

FRANKLIN, Tenn. – Four members of the same family have been accused of stealing from multiple retailers across the Middle Tennessee area.

A Grand Jury in Williamson County has indicted five people on conspiracy and theft charges.

Officials with the Franklin Police Department said David and Tracey Burton were both indicted, along with Tracy’s biological daughter, Ashley Alexander, and his biological son, Stormy Burton.

The alleged scheme was uncovered after a four month investigation. The family has been accused of stealing merchandise from several retailers.

“More or less, it's a family that's involved in fraud,” said Officer Cory Kroeger with the Franklin Police Department.

A fifth suspect, James Robert Thomason, has not yet been located. Police said his last known whereabouts were on May Drive in Madison.

The alleged crime spree has been a costly one to retailers.

“They're stealing multiples of the same type of item. Be it women's tops, they'll five or six of the same type of shirt,” said Officer Kroeger. “When they do these returns they don't have a receipt, but yet they're trying to return four of the same type of top or shorts or dress.”

Officer Kroeger said the suspects cost Belk at Cool Springs more than $1,000 in just two months.

Anyone with information has been asked to call Williamson County Crime Stoppers at 794-4000.