'Slammin' And Jammin'' Car Show Promoter Brings New Show To Town

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

'Slammin' And Jammin'' Car Show Promoter Brings New Show To Town

CREATED May 23, 2014
by Mark Bellinger

LEBANON, Tenn. - A controversial car show has returned to Wilson County. The same people who brought “Slammin' and Jammin'” have returned with a different show.

The new show is called “Lo-Life Cruisin’.” “Slammin’ and Jammin’” created lots of headaches for Lebanon Police.

The department has increased patrols this weekend, hoping “Lo-Life Cruisin’” creates fewer problems than shows in the past.

Chris Tetzlaff is a veteran of car shows at the county fairgrounds in Lebanon.

"When they had the show here before, I used to come every year. I had a ‘99 Dodge Ram truck,” said Tetzlaff.

That's when the show was known as “Slammin' n Jammin’”.

At times, close to 1,800 people would come to town. City officials estimated a million dollar impact on the economy, but it came with price.

"There was a lot of friction between people in town and the show people. You know some of the show people kind of getting out of control,” Tetzlaff said.

Police reported drag racing on the city's streets. Women exposed themselves for beads like it was Mardi Gras. Hotels were also trashed.

Four years ago, the city and show’s promoter, Charlie Cobble, parted ways and Cobble moved it away.

"They've got to save their city. Yes, they do take it to an extreme level sometimes when they shouldn't but we got by it. That's a nice way of putting it I guess,” Cobble said.

Now, Cobble has returned with a new show.

“Lo-Life Cruisin’” is supposed to attract an older and more mature demographic.

"The show before had very few full size trucks and full size cars. They did have some fun cars in it,” said Cobble. “Now, we're stepping up to muscle cars, hot rods. We've got street rods already in here."

It may be a new show, but Lebanon Police are not taking any chances.

"We've got extra officers working tonight, extra supervisors. We've also got highway patrol helping us out. Making sure the traffic is flowing okay on South Cumberland where we usually have all the issues,” said Captain Michael Vanhook with the Lebanon Police Department.

Tetzlaff hopes the show is successful.

"As far as in the show itself there was never a problem in here. Just people getting carried away on the streets and showing out,” he said.

Lebanon Police said the car show is responsible for filling more than 500 hotel rooms, so they expect a pretty big crowd.

“Lo-Life Cruisin'” runs Friday through Sunday afternoon.

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