Councilman: Nashville Needs To Figure Out Transit Funding

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Councilman: Nashville Needs To Figure Out Transit Funding

CREATED May 20, 2014
by Todd Walker

NASHVILLE, Tenn - Metro Council killed two bills Tuesday which focused on raising money for mass transit.

Even though they didn't pass, the goal was to start a discussion and that definitely happened.

Councilman At-Large Charlie Tygard had two bills on second reading. One would have raised Metro sales tax. The other would have tacked $20 on to your annual car registration fees.

Tygard says he knew there wasn't support for it but he said someone needs to figure out how to reliably pay for the AMP or any other mass transit in the long run.

Tygard says increasing the registration fees would have brought in $10 million a year.

Some council members, like Councilman At-Large Ronnie Stein, didn't like the idea that they were floating a hypothetical bill.

"There are sincere folks in this community that believe when bills are before us that they have a serious chance of being enacted into law," Stein said.

So instead of deferring it, Metro Council killed it altogether.

"It's a real quandary," Tygard said. "Which comes first? Funding or projects? Projects or funding? And I don't think we as a city have figured that out."

Other council members agreed that the discussion needs to begin, but as of right now either of the proposals aren't going anywhere.

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