School Turns To Puppies To Help Students Relax During Exam Week

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

School Turns To Puppies To Help Students Relax During Exam Week

CREATED May 20, 2014

by Jason Lamb

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. – Finals week is traditionally one of the most stressful weeks of the year for high school students, but a school in Hendersonville -- in cooperation with a local animal shelter -- is using several puppies to help students relax.

The idea came from a staff member at John Paul II High School, who teamed up with Safe Place for Animals, an animal shelter in the area. Students are able to play with the puppies in the schools courtyard between their final exams this week.

Dozens of students were seen outside Tuesday, taking advantage of the opportunity.

“We're all trying to cram for exams,” said Kayla Trovillion, a student at the school. “It’s really good to let go of it and forget about what's inside, and just hold a little puppy!”

Many of the puppies have been previously abused, and leaders at the animal shelter say the interaction with the students benefits the puppies too.

“This gives us an opportunity to get these little guys out in the public, get them loved on, petted on, and familiar with people,” Greg Johnson with Safe Place for Animals said.

The animal group says it plans to be back Wednesday and Thursday at John Paul II High School for the final two days of exams. The school says it got the idea after seeing a few universities try it out in past years.

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