Judge Dismisses Ramapough Tribe's $50M Movie Suit

Judge Dismisses Ramapough Tribe's $50M Movie Suit

CREATED May 18, 2014

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) - A federal judge has dismissed a $50 million lawsuit brought by members of the Ramapough Native American tribe against the makers of a movie that they said depicted their people in a negative light.

The civil suit filed in New Jersey last December claimed the writers and producers of "Out of the Furnace" made false representations about the people who live in the Ramapo Mountains along the New York-New Jersey border.

It claimed that unsavory characters in the film had last names that are common among the Ramapough and that it perpetuated negative and unfounded stereotypes.

The plaintiffs are from New Jersey, New York and Tennessee. They said the film caused them humiliation.

The judge dismissed the suit in a recently issued ruling.

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