Man Suing State To Keep Immunity Deal In Bobo Case

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Man Suing State To Keep Immunity Deal In Bobo Case

CREATED May 16, 2014
by Mark Bellinger

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Another man named in connection with the Holly Bobo case has sued the State of Tennessee in order to protect his immunity.

So far, Zach Adams and Jason Autry have been charged with kidnapping and killing Bobo.

Court records have indicated that Shayne Austin may also be indicted in connection with the case. Prosecutors granted Austin immunity if he could help with the TBI investigation, which apparently included finding Bobos' body.

Newschannel 5 learned that a tip from Austin helped lead to a massive search of Adams' property back in February.

No body was found, and Newschannel 5 Legal Analyst Nick Leonardo said if prosecutors have to rely on circumstantial evidence they may have a big problem with Austin.

"I believe that the state of Tennessee is going to try to use him with the jury to say believe Mister Austin the statements he's making about these co-defendants' involvement -- it's true, but in this particular case the state is going to be a little disingenuous because they themselves don't believe the voracity of Mister Austin's statements,” Leonardo said.

Through e-mails prosecutor told Austin's attorney he'd broken the immunity agreement by not being truthful, and they'll make a courtesy call when they indict Austin.

Now, Austin has sued the state in chancery court to keep them from breaking the agreement. Apparently, he felt he had been truthful.

Adams and Autry were scheduled to appear in court again in two weeks.

Zach Adams' grandfather told Newschannel 5 the TBI used backhoes to dig up and searched two wells on the Adams property.

Several sources close to the investigation told Newschannel 5 they did recover some physical evidence -- possibly bone fragments.

We do not know if those fragments came from Holly Bobo.

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