Cat Found Shot Twice; Leg Amputated

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Cat Found Shot Twice; Leg Amputated

CREATED May 15, 2014
by Marcus Washington 

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A cat was shot twice and left for dead before a woman discovered the injured animal crying for help. One of the cat's legs was amputated as a result of his injuries. 

It doesn't take long to see everyone adores Timmy the Cat with all the love and affection he received Wednesday morning; it's a far cry from what Timmy experienced just two days before.

"It was just [yelling] like meowing, not regular meowing, but like awful MEOW," said Jennell Jackson.

She was walking near her home, not far from Greer Stadium, when she spotted the cat and discovered something was wrong.

"We went to pick him up and he was just limp,” said Jackson. “We got looking and both of his arms were just bloody and he couldn't move them."

Jackson eventually took the injured animal to Nashville Cat Rescue.

“He was actually extremely anemic from the blood loss and at a very critical point,” said Megan Brodbine Williams.

With injuries so severe, Timmy was eventually taken to BluePearl Veterinarian Specialists where he underwent a three hour surgery.

Veterinarian Katherine Smith explained that both bullets shattered bones in Timmy's front limbs.

One leg was repaired with a metal plate and screws, the other had to be amputated.

"The nerve that supplies it was severed and that was seen during surgery. So, that limb was never going to function normally again, so it had to be removed," said Dr. Smith.

While Timmy is being loved and cared for now, Jackson said the person behind this crime should be off the streets.

"It's awful and to think people start with animals and then go to people; it needs to stop now," Jackson said.

Dr. Smith said any animal can survive perfectly fine with three legs. She also said Timmy is no older than eight-months-old, so he will grow and need more surgery which will cost thousands of dollars.

Timmy should be available for adoption after his recovery, which is estimated to take 6 to 8 weeks.

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