Crews Repair Sinkhole On 5th Avenue South

Crews Repair Sinkhole On 5th Avenue South

CREATED May 14, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Crews repaired a sinkhole that opened up along 5th Avenue South in downtown Nashville on Wednesday morning.

Crews blocked the inbound lanes of the roadway between Peabody Street & Korean Veterans Boulevard around 8:30 a.m. The sinkhole was estimated to be about five-feet-wide and three-feet-deep. 

It was unclear if the sinkhole had been caused by the heavy rains on Wednesday morning. Officials with Metro Public Works said it could also have given way because of mistakes during construction for Music City Center or the Omni Hotel. 

"There was a lot of work done in that specific area, and that's one of the possible problems is that maybe when they built the manhole and the pipes they didn't get it compacted correctly. That's one reason we have settlements in certain places," said Mark Macy with Metro Public Works. 

Crews worked most of the day to fill the hole in with concrete, and then planned to cover it with asphalt and steel plates.

The road reopened around 2 p.m.