Worker Fired After Davidson County Double Voting

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Worker Fired After Davidson County Double Voting

CREATED May 13, 2014
NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A Davidson County election worker has been fired after problems with electronic poll books allowed some people to vote twice.

Election officials have said that some people were allowed to vote twice because an outside vendor did not update electronic poll books with early voters before Election Day. The fired worker did not cross check early voting tallies against the poll books.

"So there were procedures that were not followed on their side and on our side,"  said Administrator of Elections Kent Wall.

Last Tuesday was Wall's first election at the helm. He says he still trusts the machines despite the human errors.

"The veterans here tell me mistakes get made in every election. We just think there are fewer with the new equipment than there were in the old process with the paper poll book," he said.

Election Commissioner Tricia Herzfeld wrote in a letter to the elections administrator that in addition to double voting, there have also been reports of lost voting records and voters being turned away.

Unless those issues are addressed, Herzfeld has said she could vote not to certify the election results.

Herzfeld also complained that election officials did not want to make the problems public.

( The Associated Press contributed to this story)