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Kelley Cannon Wants New Trial

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Kelley Cannon Wants New Trial

CREATED May 13, 2014
by Mark Bellinger

NASHVILLE, Tenn.Kelley Cannon sits in the Tennessee Prison for Women serving a life sentence for first degree premeditated murder. Four years ago, a Davidson County jury convicted her of killing her well known husband and attorney James Cannon.

In June 2008, a housekeeper found James Cannon's body stuffed inside a closet at his Bowling Avenue home. He was strangled to death, and had bleach poured on his body.

After just one hour of deliberating in April 2010, jurors reached a guilty verdict. Before and after the trial Kelley Cannon has always maintained her innocence.

In the summer of 2008 Cannon said, "Physically I couldn't have done it. Morally I couldn't have done it. He was my best friend."

Kelley Cannon has unsuccessfully appealed the conviction as high up as the Tennessee Supreme Court. Now, she's asking for a new trial based on ineffective counsel.

In her petition filed in Davidson County Criminal Court she said her trial attorney Peter Strianse didn't do his job.

Her civil attorney Andrew Cate helped her file the petition.

"I offered time and again, sent emails to her attorneys saying you have to look at what I have and time and again said with minimal follow through she should be acquitted," Cate said.

In the petition, Cannon said her attorneys failed to investigate housekeeper Vikki Shams who was the first one to find Jim Cannon's body.

Kelley Cannon also said her attorneys failed to find experts to contradict the DNA evidence in the case.

At trial, witnesses called by prosecutors said the tip of a latex glove found at the crime scene contained Kelley's DNA on the inside and her husband's on the outside.

"The state had their expert witnesses to talk about how they gathered and their findings of this. Ms. Cannon had nobody to even examine the DNA evidence," Cate said.

Peter Strianse did not return phone calls Monday.

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