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Rape Suspect Arrested, Accused Of Drugging Victim

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Rape Suspect Arrested, Accused Of Drugging Victim

CREATED May 13, 2014
by Nick Beres

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. - A suspect in a bizarre case of stranger rape is now behind bars. Murfreesboro police have arrested 40-year-old Joseph Shelton of Smyrna.

Shelton has been accused of injecting a woman with a date rape drug outside a bar on Greenland Avenue just across from the Middle Tennessee State University campus three years ago.

In an exclusive interview in the days after the attack, the victim told NewsChannel 5 she felt herself lose control.

"I fell straight to the floor. My eyes were open. I remember seeing that, but I couldn't move," said the victim three years ago.

The victim said she awoke the next morning at home with no memory of what happened. She has since moved away.

Murfreesboro sex crimes detectives never gave up on the case. The results of a medical exam on the victim confirmed she had been drugged and raped. Investigators obtained a DNA sample, but there was no clear suspect because the victim could not remember anything about her attacker who apparently chose her at random.

So the DNA sample was placed on a national database and just within the past year it came back with a hit for Shelton after his arrest in another crime.

Shelton was then indicted on one count of rape.

Investigators are not ruling out the possibility of other victims and continue to work the case.

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