A Mother's Inspirational Story Of Recovery And Reconnection

A Mother's Inspirational Story Of Recovery And Reconnection

CREATED May 9, 2014
by Chris Cannon

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Katrina Robertson spends her days spreading the world about Thistle Farms, and selling the products that helped change her life.

Nine years ago, Robertson had hit rock bottom. She was a drug addict and prostitute, with only one vision for her future.

"I'd die in the streets, that I'd get in a car with a john, or a trick, he'd take me somewhere and leave me somewhere to die. I just knew that was my destiny," Robertson said.

During Robertson's drug-using years, she became pregnant. It was a moment she thought would change her life, but it did not.

"Two weeks after she was born, I abandoned her and left her at home for my mom to raise," she explained.

While on the streets, a woman told her about Magdalene House in Nashville and Robertson started the program and then began working as a production worker at Thistle Farms.

"And after about two months, I was invited to invited to work on the sales team," Robertson said.

That started a transition in Robertson's life, one that reconnected her with her daughter, Ebony.

"I may have been upset, and I may have been hurt, but I've always loved my mom," Ebony Davidson said.

She and her mother mended past problems and are closer than they have ever been. In January, Davidson became a sales representative for Thistle Farms.

"We sell our products in Whole Food Market, I pretty much manage all of the Whole Food stores. They're really supportive of us," Davidson said.

The two work side-by-side each day, something neither one of them could not have predicted nine years ago.

"I'm grateful that everyday I can come and look to my left, and she's there," said Davidson.

Robertson's mother has since passed away, but not before seeing how her daughter changed her life.

"Having my daughter back in my life. Being married. Traveling around the world. I can finely say I'm grateful for all of the things that have happened to me," she explained.

The mother and daughter are just one of  many success stories to come out of Magdalene House and Thistle Farms. The community has changed hundreds of lives since it started almost 15 years ago.

"It's about bringing more women off the streets now, everywhere. Not just here, but everywhere," Robertson explained.

Robertson and Davidson are the faces of Thistle Farms' Mother's Day campaign this year.

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