Metro Water Sends Letters Promoting Partnership With Pipe Protection Company

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Metro Water Sends Letters Promoting Partnership With Pipe Protection Company

CREATED May 8, 2014
by Chris Cannon

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Metro Water Services customers recently received a letter in the mail promoting a partnership between the utility and a company that provides protection for water and sewer lines.

Metro Water put out a request for proposals to different companies who provide the service and then researched the services they offer.

"And find one that was reliable, had been in business a while, so we could endorse a specific company," said Sonia Harvat from Metro Water Services.

The utility chose American Water Resources as the company it would partner with to offer customers protection for underground water and sewer pipes. When those lines break, it can be costly to repair.

"And what many property owners don't realize is, that is their responsibility," Harvat explained.

AWR offers coverage for $11.49, for both lines. You can also cover the sewer and water pipes separately. 

"Each resident really should sit down and think about their home, their financial stability and determine themselves if this is something beneficial to them," said Harvat.

The service in not mandatory, Metro Water is just providing a reputable company if its customers are interested in the coverage.

Experts said your underground pipes can be damaged in a variety of way.

"You're usually dealing with roots, or possibly a line that is crushed or damaged in some way, underneath the ground," explained Casey Steakley of Steakley Plumbing in Nashville.

He said any type of repair to the water and sewer line requires digging into the ground.

"You can figure on your average yard of about 50 foot, a normal easy dig, you're probably looking at $2,400 to replace a sewer. Maybe $2,000, or a little less to do a water line," according to Steakley.

The plumber said PVC pipe has been used for many years now, and is more durable and less problematic than piping used to connect older homes.

"As far as the warranty is concerned, if you have clay or cast iron, you will have to replace it at some time. it's just a matter of when," Steakley said.

It is important to do your research and weigh your options when deciding if this type of coverage is something you want to use.

"A warranty could be a really good thing for somebody that has an extremely difficult sewer or water line to replace," Steakley said.

If you look into the AWR service, be sure to study the terms and conditions area to see what the policy covers, what it does not cover, and how much coverage is offered. You sign up for the service through the company's web site.

Metro Water Services will bill you directly on your monthly statement for the pipe coverage, then send the fees to AWR. The utility does receive 12.5% of the money collected from its customers.  Harvat said most of those funds are used to cover the overhead associate with the billing process.
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