Volunteer Steals From Charity Yard Sale

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Volunteer Steals From Charity Yard Sale

CREATED May 9, 2014
by Shannon Royster

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A charity yard sale went horribly wrong when a volunteer ripped off a nonprofit group by running off with most of the cash.

Julie Hamilton got the opportunity to hold a charity yard sale under 'The Big Payback' Campaign, which raised money for hundreds of Middle Tennessee nonprofits.

"All of Middle Tennessee was working together, and we just wanted to be a part of that," Hamilton said.

The mother of three runs her own nonprofit called Julie's Village. It was founded to help new moms and babies through the breastfeeding process.

The group started promoting the yard sale a few weeks ago and received some interest from a local woman.

"She had seen the listing on Craigslist and told all about her background and story and said it would mean a lot to her if she was able to help us and volunteer," said Hamilton.

Hamilton said the young woman told her she had lost a baby and said she had no reason not to trust her.

"We were grateful for the help, so we actually thought it would be great to have another volunteer," Hamilton said. "We also felt like we could be community to her."

The woman arrived at the east Nashville yard sale, stayed a few hours, bonded with the other volunteers and left without saying goodbye. Hamilton said it was then that they realized the volunteer had walked away with $200-$300.

"We just kept counting our ones just thinking that the 50s and the 20s would be there and somehow we were missing it," said Hamilton. "We were sick."

A tough lesson learned for what was supposed to be an uplifting day.

Julie's Village has no way of tracking down this woman because she used a blocked number to call.

There is some good news. A neighbor who donated to the yard sale offered to help replace the stolen money.

If you would like to contribute to Julie’s Village, click here.

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