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Portland Teacher Resigns Following Accusations

Portland Teacher Resigns Following Accusations

CREATED May 8, 2014
PORTLAND, Tenn. - A Portland school teacher resigned Wednesday following accusations she told a student to punch another boy in the face.

The Watt Hardison Elementary teacher had already been suspended while the school investigated the incident.

Brandie Dobson told NewsChannel 5 that her 8-year-old son had apparently gotten into a fight with one of his friends on the school bus one day last week.

The next day, she said one of their teachers decided the fight wasn't over. Dobson said the teacher allegedly took her son, his brother and the other little boy into an empty classroom, and with another teacher present, had them finish.

"She had told [sic] the little boy to hit my son. I understand he hit him, she didn't feel like it was good enough to she had him hit him again in the face,” she explained Tuesday.

Dobson said they never heard from anyone at the school, and wasn't able confirm the incident happened until Monday.

NewsChannel 5 is not naming the teacher because she does not face criminal charges.

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