Nashville Record Press Plant Expanding As Vinyl Sales Boom

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Nashville Record Press Plant Expanding As Vinyl Sales Boom

CREATED May 7, 2014
by Todd Walker

NASHVILLE, Tenn - A new fad in music, that is actually quite old, has been playing well for a local business that makes its living off of vinyl.

Vinyl record sales have skyrocketed back from almost certain death with the advent of the CD and the MP3.

United Record Pressing was already the biggest record pressing plant in North America. It’s operated 24-hours-per-day, six-days-per-week and that still can't keep up with demand.

Last Friday, the company announced it will be opening a second plant later this year.

Mark Michaels bought the company seven years ago because he had a love for music. He said he never anticipated vinyl sales would take off like they have recently.

"We've been fortunate that the vinyl category has been growing pretty rapidly now for a number of years," Michaels said. "And the last year and a half in particular it really, really took off."

Michaels said it's thanks to a new generation of music fans taking an interest in vinyl records, and the unique sound they produce.

Cindy Woolcot has been vinyl record enthusiast and works in the plant inspecting records after they're pressed.

"It never went out of style," she said. "It just went dormant for a while. It was the bear hibernating in the cave. Somebody woke the bear up. Now he's marching out of the cave going 'Hey, you forgot about me didn't you?'"

Many records are including coupons for free digital downloads of songs and albums, which is helping drive sales.

People can have the vinyl version and a digital copy for listening on-the-go.

United's new plant has been slated to open in late summer on Allied Drive in Nashville.

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